• Innovation
    New series of infrared thermometers incorporates cutting-edge innovations that greatly simplify the process of temperature measurement. 
    The range provides optical resolutions from DS=12:1 to DS=50:1 and covers a longer focus length of Germanium.
  • Ambient temperature compensation
    One of the most challenges of infrared thermometers manufacturing are ambient temperature compensation. We have developed a novel ambient temperature calibration procedure which is imbedded in the standard target temperature calibration procedures with a high precision and throughput flow.
  • Emissivity adjustment
    All objects reflect, transmit and emit energy. Only the emitted energy indicates the temperature of the object. When IR thermometers measure the surface temperature they sense all three kinds of energy, therefore, all thermometers have to be adjusted to read emitted energy only. Measuring errors are often caused by IR energy being reflected by light sources. A standard Emissivity calibrator with long-term stability is designed and built which is used to calibrate the series of products.
  • Optical Design for high DS ratio
    Optical resolution is defined by the ratio of the distance from instrument to the object compared to the size of the spot being measured (D:S ratio). We have built the optical design ability and develop the Fresnel lenses for D:S=12:1 and the optical structure at the same time, which is quite successful and well-established. We have the ability of designing and manufacturing the specific optical demand of infrared thermometers
  • High Performance infrared thermometer
    The most high-end products of infrared thermometer are launched with more high performances, especially with thermocouple probe and USB communications. 68x series is the best choice for user to monitor the target temperature for a long distance. With high DS ratio, adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.00 in 0.01 steps, Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode, Extended long time measuring reliability, Laser sighting On/Off is switchable, Backlit LCD display, °C or °F selectable, Electronic trigger lock.
  • Super low temperature calibration
    For the low temperature applications, from -50°C to 316°C, our products can provide instant surface temperature screening of food during hot holding, in chilled displays and in refrigerated storage for complying with HACCP and food safety procedures. It is also a diagnostic tool for refrigeration technicians and can be used to read temperatures of moving parts or to check surfaces in hard-to-reach places. An ultra-low standard temperature calibrator with long-term stability low to -50°C is also designed and built which is used to calibrate the series of products. 
  • Sentry Optronics
    Sentry would never satisfy with the status quo but would take the challenges to bring a stream of new, improved and added-value products to meet this ever-changing market