ST510/ST512/ST513 series are the ultraviolet meters for UVA/UVC/UVAB intensity measurement. It provides a wide range intensity measuring up to 40 mW/cm2. It provides a back magnetic mount for users to fix and install the meters easily.
  • ST513
  • ST513
  • ST513
  • High and Low measurements range in a unit mW/cm2 or μW/cm2.                    
  • Backlit LCD and 4 Digits dual display.
  • 20 points memory.
  • Automatic measuring.
  • Socket of tripod mounting.
  • Magnetic mount.
Model name ST510 ST512 ST513
Sensor Designation UVA UVC UVAB
Spectrum Range 320~380nm 220~275nm 290nm~370nm
Calibration Point 365nm 254nm 365nm
Accuracy(23±5°C/73.4±9°F) ±4% ±1 digit
Illumination Range 1 uW/cm² ~ 40.00mW/cm²
Weight Approx. 90g(3.17 oz.) without battery and detector
Approx. 201.6g(7.11 oz.) without battery
Dimensions 140x49x29mm (5.51"x1.93"x1.14")
Accessories 9V Battery, UV Sensor probe, Instruction manual, Carrying case, Sleeve